Clinical Skills Training Program 2015

KEIHAN Foundation’s Clinical Skills Training Program 2015 has officially started with the safe arrival of Seyed Qaderi and Atal Janatgol in Afghanistan. Our two colleagues will provide training in clinical skills development to students of Kabul Medical University (KMU). We wish our board members and the participants a lot of success during the training. More […]

Welcome Academic Exchange Medicine students 2015!

A warm welcome to Abdul Rahman Saleem, Jamaluddin Mirajan, Sayed Sahil Hashemzay, Reshad Payenda and Ahmad Jawad Mujaddedi! The five students from Kabul Medical University will participate in KEIHAN Foundation’s Academic Exchange Medicine (AEM) program in Leiden. Academic Exchange Medicine: KEIHAN Foundation believes in supporting this recovery by investing in knowledge. For this reason the […]

Crowdfundingsactie voor Academic Exchange Medicine door Universiteit Leiden!

Universiteit Leiden viert dit jaar haar 440-jarig bestaan, naast de diverse evenementen en feesten is er ook een crowdfundingsactie opgezet om studenten elders te ondersteunen. Stichting KEIHAN’s Academic Exchange Medicine (AEM), het uitwisselingsproject met Afghanistan, is gekozen als een van de projecten die van het opgehaalde bedrag via deze crowdfundingsactie gebruik kan maken! Al jaren zet […]

Arrival of computers in Afghanistan

Great news from Afghanistan! Twenty computers have finally arrived at their destination in Kabul as part of KEIHAN Foundation’s Anatomy Teaching Innovation Program. Further steps will be taken in establishing a media library with personal computers with internet access which will provide several web‐based learning and reference programs to be used by the students, tutors, physicians […]

KEIHAN & Medicine

KEIHAN Foundation and Medicine go hand in hand since the establishment of the foundation. There are several projects within KEIHAN which are aimed at building bridges between the Netherlands and Afghanistan and exchange knowledge between the two countries.  On the 12th of February the Foundation organized the event ““KEIHAN & Medicine” in order to bring […]

Update from Afghanistan: Clinical Skills Training Program 2014

KEIHAN Foundation’s board members Niloufar Rahim, Seyed Qaderi and Hogaei Oriakheil have arrived safely in Afghanistan and have successfully started the Clinical Skills Training Program 2014. This project was established in collaboration with LUMC, Kabul Medical University, Erasmus MC and IOM. It’s aimed at further developing the basic clinical skills of the participants who are currently third year medical students […]

Bestuurslid Niloufar Rahim introduceert project KEIHAN's 'Clinical Skills Training'

Op 9 juni was bestuurslid Niloufar Rahim uitgenodigd door BE Link Consultancy om tijdens het Afghanistan Diaspora Seminar te spreken over haar ervaringen in Afghanistan en projecten van Stichting KEIHAN. Ze introduceerde daar het nieuwe project ‘Clinical Skills Training’ van de stichting i.s.m. LUMC, Kabul Medical University, Erasmus MC en IOM. In het kader van […]

Stichting KEIHAN 'Education NOW!' actie i.s.m. NJR & Upgrade (verslag)

Stichting KEIHAN vroeg op 13 februari in het centrum van Utrecht aandacht voor educatie in Afghanistan met de actie ‘Education NOW!’. Bezoekers van de Utrechtse binnenstad konden bijdragen aan educatie gerelateerde projecten van de stichting door middel van het doneren van een klein bedrag of een boek. Vanaf 17:00 stonden de  Upgraders op de Stadhuisbrug in Utrecht, met een boekenkast […]

Official visit of prof. dr. Zarif to the Netherlands

From the 11th until the 13th of November, the dean of the Kabul Medical University (KMU) has paid an official visit to the Netherlands. On the invitation of KEIHAN foundation, Prof. dr. Zarif had the opportunity to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation with the University of Leiden (UL) and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). […]

Arrival of law books in Afghanistan

Approximately 1300 law books that were collected by the Committee on Rule of Law promotion in Afghanistan (CRLA) have arrived at their destination. These law books were donated to the library of Kunduz University. The shipment and the distribution of the books was made possible thanks to the the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and […]