KEIHAN Foundation and Medicine go hand in hand since the establishment of the foundation. There are several projects within KEIHAN which are aimed at building bridges between the Netherlands and Afghanistan and exchange knowledge between the two countries. 
On the 12th of February the Foundation organized the event ““KEIHAN & Medicine” in order to bring attention to the medical projects of the foundation and explain our work. An update was given during the event about our current three main projects in the field of Medicine. These are the Clinical Skills Training Program, Anatomy Teaching Innovation Program and Academic Exchange Medicine. Our members and project coordinators shared their stories on the cooperation with and in Afghanistan, they presented what has been established by the different projects and gave perspectives for the future.

 During the event Ms. Dorine Zonneveld (Covidien) and Mr. Zia Gulam (IOM) received a present as token of our appreciation for their support with regards to the Clinical Skills Training Program. The foundation was also pleased with the presence of Ms. Saleha Sanjar of the Embassy of Afghanistan during the event.

After the presentations there was enough time for everybody to go to the different stands for the projects and speak with their coordinators to ask questions and learn more about each project. Some of the attendees also took a picture in our photo booth in exchange for a donation.  People wrote different messages which they wanted to share and they had the opportunity to wear traditional Afghan clothes or lab coats for the picture.
 The foundation wants to thank all those who attended the event and donated. KEIHAN Foundation strongly  believes in small projects which create great results and the foundation is counting on your support and donations to continue doing this work.