A warm welcome to Abdul Rahman Saleem, Jamaluddin Mirajan, Sayed Sahil Hashemzay, Reshad Payenda and Ahmad Jawad Mujaddedi! The five students from Kabul Medical University will participate in KEIHAN Foundation’s Academic Exchange Medicine (AEM) program in Leiden.
Academic Exchange Medicine:
KEIHAN Foundation believes in supporting this recovery by investing in knowledge. For this reason the foundation, in cooperation with LUMC and Leiden University,  invites talented medical students from Afghanistan to study at the LUMC for three months and follow a wide range of classes here.  This paves the way for them to gain new knowledge from a renowned university, but also to learn more about the education system in the Netherlands. They also get in touch with the Dutch culture. Once they return to Afghanistan they can spread the knowledge amongst their fellow students. With this exchange we hope to motivate students to bring more innovation to the Afghan educational system.
Each year KEIHAN Foundation selects a maximum of 7 students for this exchange program with the approval of LUMC, Leiden University and Kabul Medical University (KMU). The candidates all need to pass the English TOEFL test with a high score in order to be eligible for the exchange. After the foundation has selected students it needs to search for a place for them to reside and to perform other practical arrangements, for example buying books and getting a medical insurance. After their arrival in the Netherlands the students will be advised on how the medical education program works and they can take part in social activities which are organized by the foundation.
During the past exchanges the Afghan students have proven to be quick learners and always aiming to achieve high grades.
For the continuation of this project KEIHAN foundation highly depends on the cooperation with LUMC, Leiden University, KMU and your donations.
You can support Academic Exchange Medicine through the crowdfunding campaign started by Leiden University or by donating to KEIHAN Foundation directly via
We wish the students a splendid and succesful time during their exchange!