Anatomy Teaching Innovation Program: Official opening of the media library

The anatomy media library with e-learning facility at Kabul Medical University  is officially ready for use and we hope the students can benefit from it immensely. The media library is part of the Anatomy Teaching Innovation Program and it was inaugurated by Afghanistan’s Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Farida Momand!  More about Anatomy Teaching Innovation Program: […]

Crowdfundingsactie voor Academic Exchange Medicine door Universiteit Leiden!

Universiteit Leiden viert dit jaar haar 440-jarig bestaan, naast de diverse evenementen en feesten is er ook een crowdfundingsactie opgezet om studenten elders te ondersteunen. Stichting KEIHAN’s Academic Exchange Medicine (AEM), het uitwisselingsproject met Afghanistan, is gekozen als een van de projecten die van het opgehaalde bedrag via deze crowdfundingsactie gebruik kan maken! Al jaren zet […]

Arrival of computers in Afghanistan

Great news from Afghanistan! Twenty computers have finally arrived at their destination in Kabul as part of KEIHAN Foundation’s Anatomy Teaching Innovation Program. Further steps will be taken in establishing a media library with personal computers with internet access which will provide several web‐based learning and reference programs to be used by the students, tutors, physicians […]

Update from Afghanistan: Clinical Skills Training Program 2014

KEIHAN Foundation’s board members Niloufar Rahim, Seyed Qaderi and Hogaei Oriakheil have arrived safely in Afghanistan and have successfully started the Clinical Skills Training Program 2014. This project was established in collaboration with LUMC, Kabul Medical University, Erasmus MC and IOM. It’s aimed at further developing the basic clinical skills of the participants who are currently third year medical students […]