Although at the end of June Dutch soldiers and civilian advisers will leave Afghanistan, the photo exhibition ‘Afghanistan through the lens’ demonstrated once again the deeply rooted relations between the two nations and above all the unambiguous involvement of the participants with the mission in Afghanistan. It is evident that the road to peace and security in Afghanistan is a long one. But the photographs made by Hans Stakelbeek also mirror a different side of the Afghan story, a story of hope. The perfect example is the photo of young girls gathered around in a “class room”. The second guest of the event was Rein Dekkers, the former Communications Attaché for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kunduz. He spoke about the Dutch Integrated Police Training Mission and the future of Dutch involvement in Afghanistan.
After outlining the results accomplished in Kunduz the speakers and the audience got involved in an interactive debate on various topics concerning the Rule of Law in Afghanistan, including the future of Afghanistan.
This event has been organized not only to discuss the situation in Afghanistan but also to emphasize the relations between the two nations. The undisputed conclusion of the discussion was that the sustainable future of the country relies on investing in the education and the youth. KEIHAN Foundation and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue their efforts to invest in the youth of Afghanistan. An excellent example of cooperation is this very exhibition: the generous donation made by the participants has will be invested in supplying more than 1200 books to the Kunduz Women’s Law Library! Thank you, also on behalf of the Afghan youth!
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