This year, the projectcoordinator of our Clinical Skills Training Program Dr. Niloufar Rahim has travelled to Afghanistan. This time her journey is for or the purpose of our different projects, among which the Clinical Skills Training Program. 

This year, the aim of the project is to train trainers for Paktia University and to expand the training for the trainers at Kabul University of Medical Sciences. 

During the last weeks, Niloufar Rahim has trained 10 medical students from Paktia, university of Gardez, as certified clinical skills trainers. These very enthusiastic and driven students have successfully completed trainings in physiological skills, surgical skills, acute medicine and elaborate didactic skills. These trainers, who will operate and function as an independent group, will recruit and teach their new members in Paktia. Furthermore, they will provide clinical skills training for the students in Paktia, in order to fully prepare them for the clinics, amongst theoretical studies during the medical curriculum. 

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