On the 28th of June KEIHAN Foundation organized the poetry event ‘Different Colors of Poetry’ in cooperation with IDJUN. This event aimed at bringing different cultures in The Netherlands together. These poets were Homaira Nakhat Dastgirzada (Afghanistan), Qader Shafiq (Afghanistan), Nanne Nauta (The Netherlands), Ramla Al-Jasim (Iraq) and Nafiss Nia (Iran). During the evening the audience heard wonderful poems which gave a glimpse of the story behind the poet as well. Despite the differences, the common ground which brought everybody together was poetry: whether traditional poetry or experimental, whether poems in Farsi/Dari and Arabic or Dutch. KEIHAN Foundation is looking forward to bridge more gaps between the different cultures by bringing poets, artists and academics together. Our special thanks to the poets and the people who attended ‘Different Colors of Poetry’.