On July 20 a special meeting took place in The Hague at the Afghan Embassy about three important issues that need the support of organisations such as NEVI, WarTrauma Foundation, Medexnet, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), IOM and the KEIHAN Foundation. The three important issues are (1) financial support for re-introducing the anatomy lessons project to the Kabul Medical University (KMU) students in Afghanistan, (2) building bridges between researchers in the Netherlands and Afghanistan to improve the medical care and management in Afghanistan & (3) increase awareness about mental health and substance abuse in Afghanistan.

Outcomes of the meeting

IOM suggested to facilitate a crowdfunding campaign with the help of its trusted taskforce member Georgina Kwakye to support the Anatomy lessons project of KEIHAN Foundation. Through the projects of KEIHAN Foundation, IOM hopes to contribute and build a bridge between researchers in the Netherlands and Afghanistan. KEIHAN has already successfully realized access to online journals and books to the KMU students, with the support of IOM KEIHAN Foundation can realise projects to improve hospital management and show medical experts to work more efficiently through study trips to the Netherlands.

Due to an increase in mental health problems and substance abuse in Afghanistan, all representatives agreed that steps need to be taken to increase awareness, adapt primary health care and train relevant experts. War Trauma, an organization specialized in mental health, and the KEIHAN foundation will make an effort to improve the current mental health care and provide psychosocial support for people and communities in underdeveloped areas affected in Afghanistan.