Dutch parliament and Turkish baked potatoes!

Today was about visiting the Dutch parliament, eating Turkish baked potatoes and many more new experiences. The students had a daytrip in The Hague today together with their buddy, Shabir! “The cultural diversity in the city of The Hague is astonishing. Actually, there is something for everyone!” -Sohrab Ayoob

Opening 10de bestuursjaar Stichting KEIHAN

“Grootste probleem onder de jongeren in Afghanistan is hun mindset. Als we het echt willen, kunnen we ons land veranderen!” Met deze, bijna activistische, woorden zette de jonge Afghaanse uitwisselingstudent de toon voor de 10de openingsbijeenkomst van stichting KEIHAN, op 1 oktober 2015. Tijdens deze bijeenkomst werden de projecten van Stichting KEIHAN verder belicht. Zowel […]

Arrival of computers in Afghanistan

Great news from Afghanistan! Twenty computers have finally arrived at their destination in Kabul as part of KEIHAN Foundation’s Anatomy Teaching Innovation Program. Further steps will be taken in establishing a media library with personal computers with internet access which will provide several web‐based learning and reference programs to be used by the students, tutors, physicians […]