A Successful First Edition: Afghan Dutch Conference 2019

KEIHAN Foundation is proud to have organized the first Afghan-Dutch Conference with its amazing team of volunteers. We hope to repeat it again next year.
Afghan-Dutch-Conference-2019 KEIHAN Group Picture

Goals of the conference

The inspiring event, the Afghan Dutch Conference, was organized with three goals in mind; firstly, to celebrate the 100th year of Independence of Afghanistan. Secondly, to bring two countries closer together for stronger bonds during collaborations.
Thirdly, and most importantly, to bring the Afghan diaspora together.

Positive vibes

During the conference, there was a feeling of positivity, hopefulness, and creativity. These feelings were shared by the Afghan diaspora and our Dutch visitors. Therefore, as a result of these positive vibes, both groups took part with the same enthusiasm in the brainstorm sessions to work on a better Afghanistan.


After the long day, there were delicious Afghan bites and an amazing performance on the topic of “migration and finding your identity within two cultures” by the Shah of Holland. The ending of the Afghan Dutch Conference gives us, as a foundation, a great amount of encouragement to keep working and organizing events such as this with our partners (Ministry of Foreign Affairs & S. Shirzad) and amazing volunteers. Also, we feel our three goals for the conference were met with great success.

Finally, enjoy the below pictures of the Afghan Dutch Conference 2019 and a video that gives an insight into the day.

Images made by: Foad Dehqanpour

Video credit to Sadjad Frogh
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