Our exchange students have several extracurricular courses during their stay. On Wednesday the 25th of October, they made a long journey from Leiden to Sint-Oedenrode. At the addiction center called Novadic-Kentron, the students had a tour by Dr. Qurishi, a medical doctor who has specialized in addiction health care. 
Below a brief report of the day by the students:
“We visited three addiction centers which was really inspiring and instructive. We had a long journey (2hrs 38mins) from Leiden to Sint-Oedenrode. After finding our destination, we had a cup of tea with Dr. Qurishi. Then he gave us a tour around the care center at the same time he discribed how the addicts are treated or at least controlled in The Netherlands. Then we disscused on the different kinds of mental patients and he answered our questions. Afterwards we moved to the second addicts care center. First we had lunch where we met another Afghan doctor called Dr. Azim (Dr.Azim is working there as well). We toured this center as the first one. After the tour there, we moved to the third center in Eindhoven. There were some more special rooms for isolation of patients. Then Dr. Qurishi drove us to the centrum of Eindhoven around 17:00, during this time we had some discussion about the ongoing situation of healthcare in Afghanistan. We didn’t want to miss out on a chance for a tour through Eindhoven Centrum. We visited an interesting exhibition of robots there. 
Drug users are the most vulnerable people in a society to be treated in a cruel and violent way. That is why they feel isolated, depressed and aggressive. Addiction Rehab Centers put a lot of effort in to helping drug abusers to resocialize and to start a normal life. The addiction rehab centers that we visited today had all the necessary facilities like sports centers, meeting halls, separate rooms, and a caring staff with calm environment. 
We would like to express our appreciation for the effort and time of Dr.Qurishi.”

Ehsanullah, Sohrab and Ali