Update – COVID19 Medical Fundraising by KEIHAN Foundation


First, of all we want to thank each one of you who donated to our cause and contacted us, it means a lot to us.

Secondly, we want to thank each member in the Netherlands and, especially, the members in Afghanistan who have worked and are still working hard to make this all possible!

We have been updating you through our Instagram and Facebook about each step we have been taking during our COVID-19 medical fundraising. Here is a summary of our achievements since April 6, 2020

What’s next?

Our goal is to help the healthcare workers, especially in Herat due to the tough COVID-19 circumstances there. Which we have achieved, but to continuously help Herat, Kabul, and other provinces in Afghanistan we need your support to make the most out of this COVID-19 medical fundraising, which you can give in different ways.

How can you support us

✔️ Through our website (IDeal & Paypal)

✔️ Through our GoFundMe-page if you have a creditcard

✔️ Sharing our cause on social media to create more awareness 

Media coverage

To promote our project we turned the #dontrushchallenge into a #SaveOurMedics-challenge.

Of course our COVID-19 medical fundraising didn’t go unnoticed in Afghanistan and ASR TV did a coverage of it. 

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