Sohrab Ayoob

Sohrab Ayoob

AEM 2017 exchange student








Who are you?

I am Sohrab Ayoob, student of Kabul Medical University. I am social and friendly towards people, really interested in talking to people and sharing my ideas with them. My friends say,” I am pretty easy to talk to”. I often spend my time reading books, because this is the best way to have a better understanding of the world and people around us. Often after the exams, I hang out with my friends and spend my time laughing and smiling. My friends make me forget my problems and help me not to give up. I worked as a teacher at an English Institute in order to gain experience and take part in educating young generation. Finally, I am crazy about travel. I am a complete travel enthusiast. Whenever I find time, I start wandering around.       


What is your first impression of The Netherlands?

I was really impressed by the way people respect the ideas and beliefs of each other in such a diverse country. Moreover, what makes Netherlands outstanding is its unpredictable weather, amazing canals, punctual people, and traffic lights for bicycles. To be honest, it took me a week to get used to the weather and the traffic rules in the Netherlands.


Have you eaten a Dutch dish yet? Did you like it?

It was my first day in the Netherlands that I found a packet of Stroopwafels in my kitchen. After that, I found out that Stroopwafels is something really famous here. I once went to a cheese shop, and there were different kinds of cheese. Luckily, they offered us some free cheese , and it doubled its taste.        


Do you think your participation to this project changes your dreams and ambitions for the future?

Participating in a Medical Exchange Program and having the chance of meeting people from all around the world gives me a whole new perspective on life. I have learnt and I will try to learn a lot of things from my stay in The Netherlands. I will apply my gained knowledge and experience throughout my life. Joining this program is like a dream come true and it makes me feel more confident.

What makes you tick?

I consider myself as an eternal optimist. I think there is nothing impossible in the world, that is why I go after things which seems difficult or even impossible. Furthermore, I live in a country where I meet many children deprived of education and basic life facilities. By realizing how difficult life they have, I really would like to take part in bringing changes in their lives.