Afghan-Dutch Conference 2019

Afghan Dutch Conference First of November 2019

The Afghan-Dutch Conference 2019 is being held in celebration of 100 years’ independence of Afghanistan. KEIHAN Foundation and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs want to use this opportunity to celebrate and strengthen the ties between Afghanistan and The Netherlands to have a closer collaboration on future projects beneficial for both countries.  Listen to inspiring speakers […]

Clinical Skills Training Program 2015

KEIHAN Foundation’s Clinical Skills Training Program 2015 has officially started with the safe arrival of Seyed Qaderi and Atal Janatgol in Afghanistan. Our two colleagues will provide training in clinical skills development to students of Kabul Medical University (KMU). We wish our board members and the participants a lot of success during the training. More […]

Welcome Academic Exchange Medicine students 2015!

A warm welcome to Abdul Rahman Saleem, Jamaluddin Mirajan, Sayed Sahil Hashemzay, Reshad Payenda and Ahmad Jawad Mujaddedi! The five students from Kabul Medical University will participate in KEIHAN Foundation’s Academic Exchange Medicine (AEM) program in Leiden. Academic Exchange Medicine: KEIHAN Foundation believes in supporting this recovery by investing in knowledge. For this reason the […]

Arrival of computers in Afghanistan

Great news from Afghanistan! Twenty computers have finally arrived at their destination in Kabul as part of KEIHAN Foundation’s Anatomy Teaching Innovation Program. Further steps will be taken in establishing a media library with personal computers with internet access which will provide several web‐based learning and reference programs to be used by the students, tutors, physicians […]

KEIHAN & Medicine

KEIHAN Foundation and Medicine go hand in hand since the establishment of the foundation. There are several projects within KEIHAN which are aimed at building bridges between the Netherlands and Afghanistan and exchange knowledge between the two countries.  On the 12th of February the Foundation organized the event ““KEIHAN & Medicine” in order to bring […]

Update from Afghanistan: Clinical Skills Training Program 2014

KEIHAN Foundation’s board members Niloufar Rahim, Seyed Qaderi and Hogaei Oriakheil have arrived safely in Afghanistan and have successfully started the Clinical Skills Training Program 2014. This project was established in collaboration with LUMC, Kabul Medical University, Erasmus MC and IOM. It’s aimed at further developing the basic clinical skills of the participants who are currently third year medical students […]

Different Colors of Poetry

On the 28th of June KEIHAN Foundation organized the poetry event ‘Different Colors of Poetry’ in cooperation with IDJUN. This event aimed at bringing different cultures in The Netherlands together. These poets were Homaira Nakhat Dastgirzada (Afghanistan), Qader Shafiq (Afghanistan), Nanne Nauta (The Netherlands), Ramla Al-Jasim (Iraq) and Nafiss Nia (Iran). During the evening the […]

The arrival of KEIHAN Foundation's project to send goods

KEIHAN Foundation sent clothes, medical tools and an ultrasound machine to Afghanistan. These have arrived savely to their destination. The medical tools have been donated to Malalay Hospital and the clothes to the Mobile Mini Circus for Children. This donation was the combined effort of the Foundation together with Development Humanitarian for Services of Afghanistan, […]

Presentation by Academic Exchange Medicine students 2013 in Kabul

Now that the Academic Exchange Medicine students are back in Afghanistan they haven’t stopped putting effort in informing people about the exchange. The students who participated in this year’s AEM held a presentation and shared their experience with others in Kabul. Because this exchange has been such a success Keihan Foundation, the AEM students and […]