Ali Abdullah Rahmani

Ali Abdullah Rahmani

AEM 2017 exchange student 








Who are you?

I am a medical student, studying in KMU (Kabul Medical University), Kabul, Afghanistan. Being a medical student not only requires to just study the materials that university provides but a critical studying method which involves: learning, researching & being updated with the latest discoveries and references. Beside studying, I am a good reader, I love to read history and by reading the history I believe I am able to understand the different civilizations, cultures, lifestyles and people. I am a kind of adventurous guy, I love to travel around a lot, I have been to United Arab Emirates, India and Pakistan. I am a man of science, I always love to learn and think over new discoveries daily in international science community. Chess, Tennis & football is my favourite sports. I love to experience new people, new places and new cultures. Because I believe the more you understand about humans, It’s never enough. There are lots of things still to discover yet.

What is your first impression of The Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the beautiful countries, especially the nature here is outstanding. The people and cultures are really kind and respectful. The diversity of nations doesn’t matter here. Being in Leiden, a city where most of the people living around are youths. The Leiden city, as I call it a classic city, with classic monuments makes this city one of the exceptional places. I am really enjoying the weather, and communities of students here in Leiden. Being in The Netherlands is one of THE outstanding experiences I have ever had.

Have you eaten a Dutch dish yet? Did you like it?

It has been a week here, and I have been experiencing lots of Dutch things here. I had tried Stroopwafel and cheese from Dutch food here. I really liked the waffles here, and noticed people here uses cheese a lot, So I really liked the foods I have tried yet, and I’m willing to taste other Dutch foods as well in the coming months.

Do you think your participation to this project changes your dreams and ambitions for the future?

I have been part of youth’s social society in Afghanistan. Being among youths has enabled me to understand more about youth’s situation in Afghanistan. Studying in Afghanistan is a serious challenge, but beside that I haven’t given up yet, I believe by working hard, creating a communication channels, upgrading education system in Afghanistan I will be able to accomplish a community of bright youths, which will succeed them to achieve whatever they want. I believe Afghan youths have the potential to deliver positive energies to each other. I believe by participating programs like this, we will be able to learn about diversities and cultures more. I think these kind of programs increases your knowledge and experiencing of new people. The more you know about diversities of the people in the world, the more you are able to communicate with each other. Being part of international communication is something that I have been seeking in my whole life.

What makes you tick? 

Possibility of anything makes me think more about the world, the people, and leads to creativity. The development of human civilization is based on knowledge and their creativities. So I believe by having a creative mind you will be able to achieve anything in the world and this brings you to a conclusion:
“The more you think, the more you sink.” There are no limits for new discoveries.

 Ali Abdullah in The Hague